NuView Magazine.com

The student perspective on the fashion industry, a magazine with a new perspective. As Editor-in-Chief, I wrote a monthly letter to our readers and occassionally wrote featured pieces outside of our magazines’ usual categories. 
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Atlas Magazine.com

An international magazine targeted to talented photographers. Below are articles written for the online portion of their magazine.
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NuView Magazine in Print

Before, my Editor-in-Chief role, I was Home and Lifestyle Editor, where my articles were published in the bi-annual magazine.
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Atlas Magazine in Print

Work published in this print magazine with a focus on how the fashion industry has changed overtime.
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Arch & Bow Boutique 

As the Junior Marketing Editor, not only would I frequently post on social media, but I would also write a weekly post for the company’s blog. 
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The Inner Lining Blog

Where I write all my personal encounters with fashion as well as opinions and knowledge of trends of the times.
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